EkParivartan Foundation is an effort to lay a positive foundation of change in the field of rehabilitation for the disabled underprivileged kids, we believe that happiness…
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Happiness is something we end up chasing all our lives ever since the onset of birth. We’re born and our new life is celebrated as our birthday year after year, celebrating the…
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We are completely dependent on the generosity of individuals, corporate houses, educational institutions and philanthropic organizations. We welcome donations, large and small. You…
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Welcome to

Ek Parivartan Foundation

Ek Parivartan Foundation believes that every child deserves the best chance for a bright future and that’s why we are fiercely committed towards ensuring that children not only survive, but thrive. We run programmes in the remotest corners of India and urban areas to provide quality education and healthcare, protection from harm and abuse and life-saving aid during emergencies to children.
  • Our Value

    As the most trusted organisation working for children in India, Ek Parivartan Foundation thrives on a set of values which form a solid bedrock of the work we do.
  • Mission & Vision

    To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

What We Do

Helping Oldage
Old age is an unavoidable part of our life cycle and should be lived gracefully rather than grudgingly.
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Girls Education
Ek Parivartan Foundation encourages family values starting from “Save a Girl child and educate her”.
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Sponsor A Child
As a sponsor, you will receive regular reports and updates regarding your ward’s academic and extracurricular activities.
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Child’s Class/ School
As a sponsor, you will receive regular reports and updates regarding your ward’s academic and extracurricular activitiesAs a matter of policy we do not encourage sponsors to send gifts/gift money to their sponsored children.
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Children in Care
Helping the poor with medical / financial aid is instrumental in creating a secure and better future for our country.
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Library and Reading Project
The Reading Project has grown-from a dozen or even fewer students in the beginning to over 500 who regularly visit the library
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Patient Name :- Master Rohit Nishad
Age:- 6 Year Old
Disease :- Eye Cancer
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Patient Name :- Master Lakshya Tamta
Age:- 5 Year Old
Disease :- (B-ALL) Blood Cancer
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Patient Name :- Baby Tanya
Age:- 4 Years Old
Disease :- Burn with Kerosene
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